The Super Bowl is a time for advertisers to set the standard for their company’s marketing strategy and live in their consumers’ memories for years to come. Super Bowl LIII was no exception. This year’s ads focused on humor, emotion, celebrity star power and other topics to make an impression in the minds of viewers. What makes an ad so special are the strategic nuances that satisfy the consumers’ Movie in the Mind℠, the catalyst for all the successful work BrandTuitive creates for its clients. Our choice for the ad that best met consumers’ Movie in the Mind℠ this year is Google’s “100 Billion Words.”

This spot highlights how people want to accurately convey what they want to say and how they feel to others and their desire to form genuine connections. Google fulfills that Movie in the Mind℠ by highlighting how, with Google Translate, users can connect with other people through the power of words no matter the cultural barriers.

We commend Google for not taking the easy way out and sticking to safe topics. They turned the dial up a notch without being too confrontational about some of the issues the world is currently facing, emphasizing how words have power to unite or to divide. Overall, Google’s ad beautifully depicted the diversity of the world and the situations in which Google Translate can be used to bring people together. And despite everything words are used for, Google makes the clear point that people mostly use their words for love instead of hate.  

Through its use of powerful imagery, impactful narration and its understanding of how people interact, Google’s “100 Billion Words” delivers an emotional and authentic message perfectly capturing the consumer Movie in the Mind℠ and delivering an empowering challenge for its users – explore the world, seek more information and embrace others.